Topic 5, Some thoughts

img_3654During this week, I was analyzing my own development in the digital community learning and I discovered that I’m still a visitor who is trying to become a residence [1]. The ONL course has given me more awareness of online learning, different type of online courses e.g. MOOCs education which offers already as well as the numerous research in the area. To understand better my own learning development I found a classification based on 4 stages:

Stage 1 – Unconscious incompetence

This first stage is not knowing what the learner doesn’t know; what some call the “unknown unknowns“. For example, the person is unaware that several online courses exist and there are accessible to everybody.

Stage 2 – Conscious incompetence

Socrates stated ”I know that I know nothing” [2] which is an important condition to be motivated and curious to learn more, in other words:  “To be conscious that you are ignorant of the facts is a great step to knowledge.”  Benjamin Disraeli (1874 -1880). The second stage is the first step forward to become aware of something the person doesn’t know. Here the person is open to learning and knowing the possibility to learn something every day if pay attention.

The stage 3, Conscious competence

Here, the learner begins learning and getting from stage 2 to stage 3. The learner has acquired a skill, but has not yet mastered it to the point where it comes naturally. This stage may take years and it can depend on many factors, not least the difficulty of the matter and the level of motivation to learn.  The process can be enjoyable or tough, easy or hard, personally rewarding or deeply challenging (or both) and also depending on prior experiences.

Stage 4 – Unconscious competence

The learner applies what he/she has learned and the acquired ability becomes unconscious. He/she reached Stage 4 becoming unaware and effective. The person becomes more confident and applies that knowledge in the “real world”.

If I will define myself based on this model, I’m in the stage 2 which is “Conscious incompetence”, trying to enhance my knowledge and has a strong motivation to learn and apply what I learned. The fact that I exposed me in the webinars, twitters, has been to me a big challenge that I didn’t know that I will manage that. Perhaps, these experiences will help me to get motivation to learn more.   During the two weeks I was thinking, about how to apply my few acquired knowledge and skills about the platforms used and the different models for an online learning course in the future. To be aware of my limitations and the need for more education is a great step to look forward a future with a lot of interesting learning and hopefully applying that in my professional and private life.

  1. David White: Visitors and residents (part 1)
  2. Ana de Armas y Villada: All about learning. The four stages of learning.
  3. Plato, Apology 21d; A. Andrea, J Overfield. The Human Record: Sources of Global History, Volume I: To 1500 (p. 116), Cengage Learning, 2015, ISBN 1305537467.

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